Xert EBC Beta 4.2.2 Now Available!


Edit: Link to download at the bottom!

Be sure to Join the Beta to get access. New features:

  • New datafields: Time-to-Exhaustion and Recovery (TTE/TTR) and Mean Maximal Power (MMP)

  • Tap cells for field settings and configuration

  • Maximum and Average fields values can be reset

  • Improved Karoo Xert datafield calculations

  • Weather Radar

  • Support for the new beta NPE CABLE ANT+ Adapter firmware
    Scan for and connect to ANT+ devices directly.

Link to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.baronbiosys.xertebc.pro


Link for download?

Do you have an Android device now? Search for Xert EBC on Google Play Store.

:frowning: iOS 14.7 Looks like a cheap Android is in my future :smiley: :smiley:

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Look for Android versions prior to 9.x if you want to use Ant+…

PS: unless you go for the NPE Ant+/BT bridge.

PS2: @ManofSteele does the CABLE work on Android with Garmin Varia ?

Thanks for standardizing the BACK button on field drilldowns.
Nice tweaks to the field options and displays too. :slight_smile:

Another advantage is EBC on Android is always the first beta app to receive new features for testing which once vetted will trickle down to iOS if possible. :wink:

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can you give more details on the NPE beta application? what will be the new items or abilities with this firmware update?

Not currently.

We’re awaiting an upcoming firmware update from NPE in the very near future. We’ll announce more details at a later date.

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I just did my first ride with the new Xert EBC. Overall I think it’s a great improvement over the old Xert Android App.

One thing that was annoying was on the workout view there is this little yellow box that displays the current target power. I like that info, but the positioning (just right of the red line that represent the actual power) made the box block most of the upcoming intervals. Maybe moving it to the top would be better since usually there is lots of space between current power and max mpa. :wink:


Re the NPE CABLE device. using IOS/IPad I can get it to work on my Wattbike, translating the ant+ signal to BLE. That is with Zwift and FulGaz. However using EBC it picks up the sensors but does not get any data through. Is that a known issue?

Am hoping to run Xert workouts on my IPad using CABLE whilst driving Zwift or a FulGaz on the ATV and big screen.

Thanks for that suggestion.

Should work perfectly John. Double check the Bluetooth sensor isn’t already connected elsewhere perhaps. Connect both power and trainer sources.

Just a FYI: I am using version on my Pixel 5 running Android 12 Beta 3.1. It crashes all the time upon startup but I assume it is because of the Android Beta.

We’re looking into that.

You may want to try and remove it and re-install. Could be an issue with saved settings from the upgrade.

Just tried uninstalling and installing again, but no luck.

Do you have a non-English language set by chance?

Yes. It is German.

Installed and now it works:-)


Excellent! Danke schon!