Xert EBC Beta 4.2.2 Now Available!

is there any update (as @ManofSteele suggested) when the NPE Cable beta was solid? how does it interact with the latest version of EBC.

Haven’t tested all scenarios but I bought a CABLE so I could use my RTL510 radar with EBC.
Works fine on iOS (tested with iPhone SE) and Android (tested with Pixel2, KKM2, Palm).
What ANT+ devices are you hoping to connect to?
Steps were to configure the CABLE via iPhone app pairing ANT+ to BLE connections, then run EBC, pair to CABLE first (lists at bottom), then pair the sensor(s) you are interested in.

thanks, I am on the fence about getting one to see if it is useful. I have a working situation right now so it may not do much to improve things but was wondering if the implementation had been finalized per Scott’s point above. I was also uncertain what was new and improved about the NPE Cable