Xert Data Fields on my Garmin

I use Xert indoor on my smart trainer. I have no idea, why I do what I do, but it works. Fine for me. But now I would go outside. I would like to ride free, but advised. Main goal is clear to have fun. Only, if it’s possible, I would try to follow arrive trainings advises.
I use the Xert Data Fields on my Garmin. Therefore I need an easy instruction in clear words.
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  1. MPA and Power are clear :slight_smile:
  2. TTR and TTE are understand, but how to setup? Must TTE set to the “Interval Target”?
  3. XSS and XEP are understand. XSS advise is 120.
  4. Focus: is advised with “Endurance, 15:51”. The “Interval Target” is 289W. Does it means, 16 minutes in the near of 290W?
  5. “Strain” understand but for me useless.

I would like to influence the quality of my free rides, as long it is possible. If not, I’m fine as well. So I can imagine to ride longer to arrive the XSS. Or I ride hills. Or I implement sprints. But for this I need to understand a bit the data fields.


Does this help?
How do I install and configure the Xert Garmin ConnectIQ Apps? – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Unfortunately not. I had read this and thousand others. But statements like “higher than …”, say everything and nothing. I know, it will maybe not to 100% accurate and scientifically correct. But I need a clear and concrete example based on my “Advisor”.

Does this help? :slight_smile:
Ride to Xert’s Focus Metric with Scott - YouTube

That video link is from this discussion:
Follow XATA with free ride alongside - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

Thanks, both together helps. Based on this and to keep it simple for me, I decided the following:

  1. For each ride, I will set the TTE to the “Interval Target” .
  2. a) If the “Focus Duration” > 20:00, I will follow the advised XSS and try to keep the “Fat Data Field” in Red, which indicates together with the XEP a low intensive training.
    b) If the “Focus Duration” <= 20:00, I will follow the advised Focus. And here I will split the effort by keeping an eye on the TTE and not using it up. The next interval I will start, if I complete recovered.

Kind of like that. Make this sense?

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:
You will have to experiment and determine what works best for you.

I think there are three camps regarding outdoor workouts.
Those that believe you can’t effectively do them so they free ride by feel (RPE) with XXS in mind.
Those that say you can do them as long as your route includes sections conducive to finishing sets (based on terrain and traffic) and you pick an appropriate workout.
Those that will use Xert fields on a Garmin to effectively manage focus duration as Scott demonstrates.
I’m kinda in the middle. If it’s an especially nice day I’d rather ride outdoors so I take a look at recommended workouts (all twenty) and look for something practical on the route. For example, 3-4 sets of 12 minute segments comprised of X/Y. I will try to do something similar to that during the ride. If something comes up and I fail to complete the sets I’m not overly concerned. I got a ride in that contributes to my TL so I’m happy. :smiley:

Sounds like a plan. :smiley:

This is what I prefer as well. Look for Xert proposals and try to adapt my free ride to them. If it’s possible to follow, I’m fine. If not, I will survive. :sunglasses:

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And Xert will adapt for the next day :smiley:

Good thread from last year…

My plan for the outdoor season is to do the less “complicated” workouts from XERT outside; i.e. Lucy In The Sky… or similar workouts with endurance focus. Maybe some LTP intervals with fast starts + steady Y minutes effort times X. Also somewhat easy to do outdoors and will allow for stars to go blue :slight_smile:

I’ll keep doing the tougher workouts indoors + Zwift Racing.