XERT Outdoors - Using Focus - Help!?

I’m hoping someone could help and answer my question in the simplest way possible. I have read as much as I can but still seem to come back to the same question; How do I actually ride outside whilst following Focus.

I have been very consistent with XATA and trained indoors. However, it’s now light nights and good weather where I would like to get outdoors…oh and remember how to turn the bike.

I live in undulating terrain and will “stress” about not hitting the intervals specific if following one of the XERT workouts. I’m hoping to use Focus in its place to make sure I stay on track.

My Details for today for example are:
Training Deficit - 118 xss
Phase: Build
Focus Type: Endurance (Focus: 3:00:00)
Interval Target: 238w

Please can you outline how I could go out and ride a route yet hit intervals which are specific to my XATA. How long should I do intervals? Should they just be at 238w until I reach xss?

I hope this makes sense and that you can help me to look at some numbers, go outdoors and ride knowing it is productive without being overload.


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Check out these threads –
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TL;DR Many Xerters ride outdoors by RPE or HR with lower intensity miles in mind. Others follow the focus method to meet their goal for the day. Some live in areas conducive to performing workouts on the road as long as you are selective about which workout and realize you don’t need to follow it exactly to achieve the intended results.

There’s an older thread here where they talk about this and using Focus that I thought was helpful, especially post number 4 from @ManofSteele

Follow XATA with free ride alongside

In his next post in the same thread, he mentions

simply keep the fat data-field RED

as something else you can do which I like a bit better than just staying at LTP on a long ride.

I’ve been using this on my long rides and then applying the 50% of Focus time for intervals on days with a Focus <20:00.

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That response from @ManofSteele has helped loads.

So basically, at the moment in the build phase it is a 20min focus (sprint time trialist). I would then use my 20min power 335w and ride that for 10 min intervals. Recover then repeat until I fill up my time available, hit a safe level of fatigue or xss required.

My only other point is would I then just ignore the interval target? (Which above shows 238w)
Why does it show that number?

I think you’re referring to below the blue/green/yellow bar showing your progression through base/build/peak and I’m assuming yours says 20min Focus duration? That isn’t specific to the day, I think it will say that there throughout build, for example mine always says 10min, I believe because I have “Rouleur” currently selected.

But above that it looks something like this for you I think?

Training Surplus as of 11:59 pm : something XSS

Phase : Build
Focus Type : Endurance (Focus: 03:00:00)
Interval Targets: 238W
Workout Goal : something XSS (Optional)


That’s an endurance day for you. On an “interval day” it will look more like:

Training Surplus as of 11:59 pm : something XSS

Phase : Build
Focus Type : "Something besides Endurance" (Focus: 0:21:03)
Interval Targets: 337W
Workout Goal : something XSS (Optional)

And you could try something around 10min intervals, I’m making up those numbers but trying to use some of what you’ve posted to make them close.

If you use the Garmin data fields you could enter that 337 power data into Garmin Connect and see it on your computer. I haven’t started using their new EBC yet, but I think it will do it as well, hopefully I can start messing with an Android device soon.

But whether you enter the info into your computer or not, if you go out and ride the appropriate intervals the Focus for the ride (the Focus field if you’re using it on your computer) will tend toward the 21:03 I made up. And the Focus will appear in different colors depending with green being a Pure Focus. There’s a youtube video that shows how this works for interval training.

Right, that’s great thanks.

I will keep an eye out for when an interval day appears, although they don’t seem very frequent. So when out riding you want Focus on Garmin and you want it to be green, which will show I am riding my intervals correctly.

I will watch the video but you have helped a lot thanks

During the intervals I keep my attention on my effort and the time but since I just started using Focus myself I do check it in between to see how I’m doing. It’s not hard to get it to green inside, but with wind and some elevation changes I tend toward blue, mixed IIRC often.

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