Xert bike computer... sort of

Hey Team,

I’m tired of being tossed around by Garmin and other big players.

If Xert mobile app could read/plot gps files (no need for basemap) and add a few customisable pages we could by a cheap/small Android phone and run Xert in it. Or a partnership with Komoot?

It would be a lot cheaper and the hardware would up to the rider to choose.

Just some examples below, and I’m sure I could find something better/cheaper and more useful than a Garmin



I’ve been using Xert with RideWithGPS, but you can use any other service to map your planned routes.

Tell me more!

Do you have to flick between apps?

What’s is your set up?

Check out this thread: Hammerhead Karoo 2
Also: https://www.strava.com/athletes/1169359/posts/11354722
Xert Mobile already records your GPS track (enable under Options).
BLE sensors connect fine with an Android phone. No need for ANT+.
Unless TBT and preloaded courses are important to you there’s no need for a routing app although you could load one and switch to it as needed.
95% of my outdoor rides are on routes I already know. Google Maps has handled my detours. :slight_smile:

Yeah I have a feeling (this is with zero inside knowledge) that the next version of Xert’s Android app will be good enough to replace the “normal” Karoo interface and operate more like a fully functional bike computer.

Yes, I flick between the apps. Nowadays, Ant+ is disabled on most Android phones, so I don’t give access to the sensors to RideWithGPS (I only allow the GPS), and enable them in Xert, with BT. I only switch to RideWithGPS when I’m close to a change of direction, otherwise it’s Xert always ON. I also use “Vanced” Youtube , so I get a small player window (overlay) on top of Xert :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for your comments.

Reading Armado’s Strava post, I just need to wait a bit. :slight_smile:

Our app can be used as a bike computer but stay tuned for new changes coming that will improve its suitability to use on your handlebars as an alternative to a bike computer. It’s evolving to become an app that will act as both an Xert app - reviewing your activities, progression with more “app” features coming, in addition to acting as a bike computer that you’ll use while riding and training.

Now the question is… how long is a bit? :thinking: