Xert always thinks I'm 'very tired.'

I don’t feel tired but Xert had me do three recovery rides in a row with two more on the docket for the next two days. Can anyone explain to me what causes Xert to define a person as ‘very tired?’ I do want to follow through with their training plan to see how much I improve, but I also kind of want to say, ‘screw it, I’m doing some intervals today.’ But I have a feeling if I do that, Xert will proclaim me tired for the next week. At this point I don’t know why I’m paying for a service that just tells me to go ride a recovery ride for an hour every day. Does anyone have any suggestions for convincing Xert to begin an actual training regime? Thanks!

If you’re at a low training status, you may need a bit of time for your training load to get closer to your average daily XSS before the system sees you as fresh. This can happen if the system doesn’t have a complete picture of your fitness. One tell-tale sign is when your XSS/day and TL from your Weekly Stats are significantly different.

Thanks for the input. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

What do you mean when you say “a bit of time for your training load to get closer to your average daily XSS”, Armando? When l look at my planner, I’m very tired for 17 days into the future at this point. Any suggestions? How do I convince Xert that I’m not very tired?

Hi Tim. Had a look. You’ve dug a hole and are not letting yourself recover out of it. You’re also seeing a pretty rapid increase in Training Load. Generally speaking this isn’t sustainable. It is possible that your real Training Load is closer to 100, for example, if you’re not reporting all your training. If so, you’ll be able to better handle that amount of training.

Hi all, I have the same problem here, “very tired” for a couple of days after workouts. Most times I saw the red stars, one time yellow, but I still doing workouts (cycling two times a week to work an back (75km both rides) and have a ride at the weekend (70-80 km) without being very tired a few days. Last Weekly Stats XXS/day and TL: 76.3 / 45.3 ; 91.5 / 50.4 ; 70.1 / 51.9. But I don’t have a mind how to get values to have Xert for a right sight on my fitness. There are no other sports or heavy work I did. Maybe one think is, that Xert “What’s My FTP” says 234 Watts a few days ago, but my Fitness Signature says TP 223 Watts, so that my workouts calculated much harder than I really do? I cycle 2300km last year, 2800 this year. Maybe this level is too low for Xert calculation? Any suggestions?

Seeing a “Very tired” status for a couple of days after heavy workouts is normal, particularly if you’re below 3 stars and seeing XSS/day well above 75. Unless you’re in a hurry to build fitness for an event, generally taking days off or using recovery rides is probably wise.

I have the same very tired “problem”.

Can you have a look at my stats Armando?

ps major bump… :slight_smile:

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Hi Robert. For privacy, kindly reach out to support@xertonline.com for all one-on-one support questions.

Hi there.

I recently joined Xert. I was showing very tired yesterday. Just wondering if it’s correct

Felt Preet poor on Sunday spin and could not dig deep. Was fine and zone 2 and 3 but anything FTP and above I felt empty.

Could you check my dashboard and advice if you don’t mind.?