Xert activity download

Is there any policy change after server update lately? Or my brain doesn’t work due to pandemic. There used to be a button for downloading activity on the top right corner. It disappeared. I’m try to download it and upload to Garmin.
Thanks for quick response.

I have a few of those, but I do not remember the scenario. There is no DL on Xert, but I can’t remember if I synchronized them from my Garmin device, running the Xert IQ app, or from my Wahoo Bolt, which synchronized to Strava and was also running at the time.

I suspect that if you use Xert to record the workout, either the Xert smartphone app or IQ app, there is no DL button, but I’m not sure.

Something seems amiss.
I used to be able to go to Activities, Table View, check off some entries, and export the fit files.
Now that checkbox causes the delete trashcan icon to highlight in red and there is no option to download as a fit file. The icon to do that used to be to the left of the CSV and PDF icons.
There also appears to be a new (+) icon that displays mp, xep, and xss for each activity. Or was that always there?

The button is coming back. Thank you for your quick response.

If the ride was also sent to Strava, you can add “/export_original” to the end of the URL and it should prompt a download of the original activity that was imported to Strava.

I’ve just been through my last three weeks’ worth of workouts on Xert and was able to download the workouts from the last 3 days (21, 22 and 23/04/2020) but not before that as far back as 10/04/2020. I was able to download workouts prior to that date.

Here’s what the top of the page looks like in each case:




Strava now has export original as a menu option along with export gpx, but for some reason it exports a .tcx file and not a .fit file so the download from Xert might have more information.

The only difference is that a FIT file is smaller and (only) required for Garmin courses. The essential info is the same, but although power is usually Strava exported in your own GPX file too, Garmin won’t have that power imported either. Xert doesn’t eat GPX at all, but TCX is fine.

Another advantage of the fit file is that in case of glitches in the recording it can probably be fixed in fitfiletools, whereas as far as I know it’s a manual job on the xml file for tcx.

Yes, I know, but Strava doesn’t give you FIT files. Manually fixing a TCX file is next to impossible, because you’re looking at thousands of track records and you would need an advanced editor to fix spikes and then manually do the math on the aversges.