Android app to garmin connect

When I use my android app to run xert indoor workouts, I realized there is no way to directly sync it to GC (garmin connect)
please let me know If I’m wrong here
It was fine until now, as my final destination for all workouts to unite was strava (and xert).

I am going to buy a garmin fenix 6, So I wish to be able to manage all my workouts on garmin connect. therefore, I need a method to make my xert workouts to show up on my GC.

idea 1: run xert workout with cycliq app - not possible on fenix6
idea 2: record indoor workout simultaneously on garmin fenix and xert anddroid app
-> in this case, will xert not make duplicate activity by being synced with GC?
-> will strava not make duplicate activity, GC is connected with strava, and XERT is synced with strava.
-> If strava will not make a duplicate, s there a method to make sure strava receives activity info from xert, not GC for indoor workouts (If sent from GC it will only show “night ride”, instead of full name of workout and MPA graph listed to strava).

So my idea was

  1. Unlink strava with GC
  2. Link GC with XERT (to let GC send outdoor activities to xert)
  3. Link XERT with strava (XERT will send all indoor and outdoor activity data to strava).
    End result:
    GC: indoor and outdoor ride data recorded from garmin.
    XERT: indoor data recorded from xert, and outdoor data recorded from garmin (without duplicate indoor activity)
    STRAVA: indoor data recorded from xert, and outdoor data recorded from garmin (all sent from XERT).

do you have any experience on similar situations, or have a better idea?, because my plan is theoratical and might not work well…

What I’ve been doing in the past is view the Xert workouts in a table, compare the dates to the Garmin Connect activity list, note the missing dates on Garmin, check missing workouts on the Xert list, then click download FIT file button in Xert, then drag the missing workouts to the Garmin import box.
However, since the recent xertonline update the button to download as FIT file is now missing. It is supposed to be added back soon –

I don’t think there is an easy way to automate this process from Xert since Garmin doesn’t support it.

Some activites have the download button alive,
and some activities dont show up (all xert indoor activities).

I don’t exactly know whats differentiating them…

But this makes me missing several previous xert activities on garmin…

Self update on situation.

If i record with my phenix 6s and android app player simultaneously…
there is a miserable duplicate made on xert which us not automatically deleted (probably because the start/end time differs by seconds?), and is then automatically synced to strava (also duplicate…) So I had to delete the duplicates…

I’ll probably have to download xert fit files manually and then upload on GC