Workouts are too tough

How are Xert workouts so impossibly hard? Did the Smart heartbreaker today but it seems I am always riding to failure.

Why do I get an achievable structured training with recovery built in?

Other apps seem to have better tailored workouts, more achievable, that yield consistent progress…

Hey there, I’m just a Xert User, but hope this helps.

There can be many reasons why your workouts are perceived to be too tough. Here are a few questions :

  • When was your last Breakthrough and how big was it? Big BTs are tough to adapt because we are accustomed to a perceived effort of a previous Fitness Signature. It can be discouraging, but I personally find that when I get a big BT is that I tend to choose the workouts with Dificulty rating to be quite low and built up to more difficult ones until I get a new BT. Maybe it’s only a psychological trick to prevent myself from being discouraged, but it certainly helps to maintain my moral. Here’s a great thread about it.

  • Talking about difficulty, do you have some example of workouts that you felt were impossible? What was their difficulty rating?

  • Finally, check your last BT and ask yourself if the data’s suspicious. There are many reasons why it could be slightly wrong. You always have the option of flagging it. Maybe this can help



Welcome @Fulaman !

SMART - Heartbreaker is definitely not for the feint of heart (or any workout with 4+ diamond difficulty)!

@maximefortin definitely has some solid points to consider. You might also want to doiuble-check your freshness feedback slider. In addition to modifying your training status, moving the slider also impacts your training recommendations from XATA, where moving right increases recommended difficulty of workouts and moving left decreases difficulty of recommended workouts.

This is rather timely - here’s a blog post that we’ve recently updated that discusses workout difficulty. Maybe you’ll find it interesting: