Workout suitability Vs xss recommendation

Hi, Xert is recommending 92xss for an indoor ride, or 257xss for an outdoor ride. However every indoor workout which is less than 250 or so xss is considered “unproductive”. So I don’t really understand this advice, is it suitable to do an indoor 92xss workout and still satisfy my training schedule?

Suggestions reflect what you have done in recent past in each category against XSS goal for the day which is a range, not a set number.
See this help tip (?) article for details: Recommended XSS – Xert (
Also Training Suitability – Xert (
Use Filter and Duration as needed to fit your daily schedule. Otherwise, the advice defaults to reflect similar activity on same day of the week.
Use the Training Pacer needle as a guide. Your goal is to maintain the needle in the 11am-1pm position to achieve your currently defined TL (training load) target. Xert is never dictating an exact XSS number you must reach, but rather an approximate target. You can also change ramp rate mid-stream if necessary.

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