Workout stars

About 3 weeks into exrt, had a breakthrough last weekend on a group ride, updated fitness signature and now selected workouts seem good. I’m currently at 2 stars with a moderate 1 progression and default decay. My uat is set for 3pm, my workouts start about 4pm. The star color says I’m fatigued before I start and very tired after, this isn’t the case, I’d say almost fresh before I start and slightly fatigued after. What changes might you suggest or is this part of a normal progression?

Hi @tomcaldwell ,

Check out the ‘Freshness Feedback Slider’. It allows you to tweak the system’s calculation of your Training Status. Glossary Post is here:


I used the FF slider during my 120+ day experiment and on several occasions since.
Some use it temporarily for the day at hand while others (including me) have left it tweaked one way or the other for days at a time. At some point you should return to neutral (0) and check to see how form predictions work in that position.
I don’t claim to know the math behind XATA but it appears the more information you give it the more it adapts to you. YMMV

Reference –
Personalizing Xert’s Training Algorithms by using Freshness Feedback – Xert (