Workout player not conecting to smart trainer

hi cannot pair my garmin edge 1040 to my kickr core , workout player cannot find the smarttrainer , I connected the kickr in Garmin, I followed all your instructions , android works but I want to train over garmin to have my data directly in garmin connect gr Marc

You only need connect under Garmin sensor setup –
What’s New in the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Version 2.0 – Xert (

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hi , did that , I followed exactly these instructions , it worked during 10min than it dropped out , since I cannot connect anymore , it worked perfectly with my old edge 820 gr Marc

Usually a connection drop like that means something else (Zwift, etc.) has grabbed the trainer connection over Bluetooth.
Make sure all other apps are not running that might connect while the Garmin does.
You could also disable Bluetooth on the phone to make sure.

Hmmm - I wonder if this is why the Xert App can’t see the power from the Wattbike?
I’ll hae to test ensuring other apps are not running in the background of my iPhone.

HI disconected everything that can receive a bluetooth or ant + signal exept the garmin 1040 , still not working , I connected the garmin with ant + ?
not working , also if i pusch the select button xert sees my garmin as a power meter not as a trainer

Is your 1040 current on firmware updates?
I did find this thread indicating issues with the out-of-box firmware –
Edge 1040 - Support - Xert Community Forum (
You could try uninstalling all Connect IQ fields (Xert and others) and only install the Xert workout player and see if that works as expected.

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Hi Marc,
w/ 1040, i have the same problem; so, i have unistall all data field, unpair my iPhone and, after reboot of my Phone and my 1040, 1) pair my iPhone 2) remake all XERT data field. Now i have resolved this problem. Also XERT Player, before this procedure, not connected w/ my Garmin Edge 1040. Now work fine. So, the same tips write Ridge in the post over.
Good Ride,
Corrado, Italy.


Hi - so I’ve found what my issue was.

I had the Xert connected to the Smart Trainer - and this would control the trainer.
I ALSO had to connect the Xert to the Power Meter on the same bike.

In my mind the “smart trainer” connection would have also fed the power data. However it did not.
Once I had the multiple connections made, then i was able to see the full data on the app.

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