Edge 1040


Will the current Garmin apps work on the edge 1040 out of the box?



Often, we’ll need to recompile and submit new datafields and app for new devices. We’ll likely wait a bit given it’s new and with so many software changes. I would imagine it will be a few months before the dust settles and the unit will be free of bugs. That’s normally the case with Garmin.

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I’ve spent the last 3yrs slagging off Wahoo because it doesn’t allow XERT apps , so I buy a 1040 reluctantly because I love using the XERT platform and would you f**king believe it !! its not compatible , FFS really !!

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Garmin gave no heads up to any of the developers except for a handful of the bigger names that the 1040 was coming out. Many apps aren’t compatible yet. If you have a beef, it shouldn’t be with us.

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I know its them , I just couldn’t believe it !! back to the Wahoo it is .

We’ll get to it. We have 9 datafields/apps to update and verify for the app store so we’ll need to slot this into the development cycle. There are some new watches that we’ll need to add support for as well.


Please do. Did my first ride today with the 1040 and miss the Xert datafields already. I hope its not “a few month” until you can make them work.

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I think these comments are bit unfair on Xert. A new product was released of which they had a no advance notification and yet it is their fault there is a problem.
If you buy a product on release date you might have to expect some delays in other apps catching up.

Thats not what I meant at all. I do not blame Xert, you folks are doing a great job, I love the platform and appreciate all you have done for our training. I do not exect everything to work on day one, especially if Garmin does not provide any info to the developers in their ecosystem. I simply wanted to express that I missed the datafields right away even with all the new stuff to play with. The MPA and Power field especially is awesome and I like it to have in view thats why I hope it will be available again soon.
Thanks Xert-Team for your great work!


It doesn’t seem sensible for Garmin to not give you details pre-release as you are effectively promoting and no doubt boosting their sales although judging on what dcrainmaker says he’s effectively testing their their units right up till public release date so you’re better off waiting till everything’s ironed out and you have a stable(ish) product to work with.

Buy the 1030 plus…brilliant head unit

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Can confirm - I have a 1040 Solar and there seems to be a bug where using a third party data field installed through CIQ means sensors are disconnected. Happy to wait for the dust to settle! (Here’s one such thread.)

With latest beta for edge 1040 (v12.14) you can use Xert datafields from connectIQ store. Seems to work perfectly

Confirmed. The Edge 1040 (Solar) was added to supported devices for all the Xert data fields I checked on June 13. Edge beta version 12.14 is not even required, plus final 12.15 just came out anyway which is supposed to fix the sensor dropout bug when using connect iq fields.
So it was very quick after all.
Thank you Xert Team!!

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Kudos Xert team

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