Workout Distance Missing

Did a workout last night (SMART - Closer 140).
Trainer (Wahoo Core) and HRM (Viiva) connected fine and all data except Distance was registered. How come speed + workout duration is available and no Distance is registered?
All but “Radar” was connected in the ECB app. I am slightly puzzled.

Android or iOS?
Make sure Speed from Power is enabled.

Android - And it worked on the previous workout I did. Weird. I’ll do another tomorrow, I’ll look more into it then.

Okay, I tried another session last night and again no distance. Could I ask you to kindly elaborate on the “Speed from Power” concept? What does this mean? I think I am missing something in my ECB/Online setup here.
My first 2 tryouts in the XERT environment (with the incorrect mobile app) did record distances but it appears the EBC app doesn’t for some reason. All my data apart from heart rate is from the Wahoo Core-unit. I did consult your reply to Brazoo too.
Btw, my setup comprises:

  • 1 Wahoo Core, latest revision
  • XERT EBC app android (phone is OnePlus 9 Pro (company phone, not my preferred :wink:)
  • 1 upto date laptop running latest winX, 16GB Ram, 125 SSD
  • My headunit when riding is an SRM PC8 and I love that thing, so no Garmin for me, please. I run this alongside the XERT, recording the data from my powermeter. The different units align on the output data which is great.

Oh! I found the Speed from Power option. I overlooked it as everytime I opened the app and checked for sensors, everything was niice and blue so I did not look twice. Now set for SfP hoping to record my distances too. (It is somehow mentally stressing when data is missing)

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I haven’t checked yet but I find it odd that out of the last seven or eight rides done on my Android only two of them are missing distance. Why would this setting change intermittently?

Since setting for SfP, I have not experienced any dropouts of distance, so I cannot say why your’s is missing intermittently.
Could it be some “too fast to notice”-clicking on your phone? I sometimes find that apps respond even before I have touched the screen.

either way - if I get distance from the trainer, there should be distance reported to Strava, even if alot higher. I do see speed on the EBC, so why not on strava?

I agree; distance from trainer should be replicated in your Strava posts. Mine have been since setting for SfP. Further suggestions I have not, unfortunately.