What's the best way for Xert to get to know you?

I’ve been using Xert for a couple of weeks (just purchased a month subscription so I could get full functionality) and am having arguments with it about what I should be doing. I downloaded 3 months of activity which consists of a mixture of “Virtual” rides and “Outdoor” rides. Unfortunately my outdoor rides were done without a power meter. I have since purchased a power meter for my bike and done my 2 most common outdoor rides which Xert showed as a 3.5 hrs. 2 diamond ride with XSS of 203 and a 5.5 hrs. 3 diamond ride with XSS of 313. The problem is that after doing these rides this week, Xert now thinks I have tons of training surplus, even though these are rides I normally do every week. Xert has granted me a 2nd star (started at 1.5) but has me in the red and says I should be training 4.7 hrs. per week (I made myself a “Climber” with “Moderate-1” continuous improvement).

What’s the best way to have Xert incorporate my outdoor rides into my training? Currently the number of hours of a single outdoor ride can exceed Xert’s weekly allotment and leaves me with a lot of training surplus. Should I just keep doing my outdoor riding till Xert understands me better? Should I follow it’s advice and cut down on my outdoor riding (I really don’t want to do that long term)? Should I set my goals differently? Manually set my freshness higher till Xert learns more about me?

Any advice appreciated.

Delete or star any activity that does not have power associated with it (this is easiest if done via PC->Activities->Table) after you have done that ride however you feel for 1-2 weeks (Tell xert what your time constraint is during this 2-weeks and if the ride makes sense give it a shot). When your 1-2 week riding is done, go for a breakthrough.

Xert will start to give you love then and get you right on course with your goals.

I found an alternative: A way to have Xert not ignore my outdoor riding done without a power meter, but with HR and cadence monitored…
I chose the option “Enable the estimation of Xert Metrics like XSS and Focus using Heart Rate”. That made my status go from red to yellow, added a star, and put my recommended hourly rate at 11.8 hrs.
Now I’m going to have to work hard!

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Try upping your improvement rate. I was aiming for 12-ish hours a week and ended up at “Aggressive-1”. I think the naming is not intuitive.