What workouts for 30 min sessions when XATA recommends Endurance?

New Xert user here. Trying to figure out the best way to schedule and utilize my 30 min lunch training. I’m on continuous improvement with no events as I just ride the trainer for general cardiovascular health and burning calories. I do like seeing progression though hence using a system like Xert.

Before this, I was using TrainerRoad and would do a threshold or VO2 Max HIIT style workout on a couple lunch breaks a week and then 2 75min Z2 rides a week. But now with the added guidance of XATA, it wants me doing more endurance even when I limit my time in the workout selector to 30 min. My athlete type is Puncheur.

Do I listen and just do a 30 min steady endurance ride? or do something higher intensity since that’s a better use of only 30 min?

XATA screenshot if it’s of any help:

Endurance is likely recommended due to yellow status - Xert thinks you’ve not recovered from your last higher intensity session. It’s how the system gets some polarization (even if not fully polarised - separate topic!)

If you feel better then Xert suggests you can use the freshness slider (slide right a bit… not permanently though), and you should then get workouts at the focus of your athlete type. That said, am not sure how many are in the library for 30 minutes… if not enough you can make your own (eg copy an existing longer one and just reduce number of intervals) and Xert will also consider those in recommendations

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Continuous ATP is similar to Peak phase during a progression but that normally entails reaching 3 stars or higher TL. Library choices expand as you reach 2 stars and higher.
You can continue to do what you’ve been doing in the past by manually selecting workouts.
If you want to see all the 30-minute options, go to the Workout Library and set Max minutes to 40 under Filter. That will list some just over 30 minutes, but you can always shorten the cooldown or skip ahead if 30 is all you have time for.
Also search the Sessions Library for up to 40 minutes. There are some high intensity options I think you’ll enjoy.
As @wescaine mentions you can locate other workouts of interest and shorten them. To do that view the workout, determine if easily shortened, select Open in Designer, then Copy button in lower right, make your modifications, and Save. The workout is added to your Personal folder with “- Copy” appended to title.

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