What is an "activity"?

I have searched the forum and the help but could not find a good answer:

What makes a bike ride an “activity” and what does it mean? (I refer to the red label in the planner view).

The reason I am asking is that some of my (short) daily commutes are labeled as one (but only a few), on the other hand some of my Zwift and Outdoor Workouts are not (most of them are).

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I saw that thread but it’s a bit old and did not give me a good answer.

“In Xert, we make a distinction between the two. A recording is always an activity (like Strava).”

But today my morning commute to work was labeled as activity, the afternoon commute from work was not. Exactly the same distance and time, elevation is basically non-existant.

What are you recording your rides with?

The commutes are recorded with a smart watch coupled with a cadence sensor, then synced to strava and from there to Xert.

How are the entries tagged when you view the list under the Activities tab?

Ah, interesting, in the activities dashboard they are all tagged as “activity”. But not in the planner, same thing today, now morning commute is labeled, the afternoon one not.

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The flags on the Planner appear to be a recent addition so possibly a display issue or bug.
I also see differences in the flags shown on mobile versus desktop view.

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Thanks, so I guess I’ll just ignore it for now.

Actually, one more discovery I just made: Only one entry per day is labelled as “activity” in the planner, but for some days none is. Really weird.