Weekly hours too low - how to change?


I’m trying Xert out under the free 4w trial and really liking it. However it has me set at <3 hours of weekly training which is way below my usual 8-12 hours. I suppose it is because Xert hasn’t pulled all my activities (thought I’d allowed Xert to do that?) and also because the week coming in to Xert I was skiing and had zero hours on the bike.

How do I change the baseline for weekly hours to match my usual training load?


Xert looks at your recent history to make recommendations but that changes over time if you establish a new pattern of weekly hours.
What are your Program settings currently set to?
What is your current status stars count?

You will likely find my Onboarding post for newbies of value –
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Looking at my imported activities it looks bad. Last two weeks checks out but beyond that Xert has only imported roughly a third of my activities and mainly (but not only) outside rides. Also (my) weight data is wrong… Tried disconnecting Garmin and reconnecting but uploaded same bad data.

My current (adaptive) program has me locked at just around 3 hours. Can’t change that (I think?). I set max. to 12 hours and progression mod-1.

I have one blue star.

Thanks for the Onboarding post. Learned some trick but not a fix.

Which options have you configured in the Program dialog box?

Weight can be adjusted under Account Settings, Personal Info.

Does this help?

I weight around 76 kgs. The imported activities have a registered weight of 70 kgs. I haven’t weight 70 kgs since highschool and that weight has never been logged in Garmin… Weird.

Xert references your recent history and current TL to plot an increase in TL based on the ramp rate you configure.
However, the Training Pacer operates on an weighted moving average over a rolling 7-day period.
That means you have a couple options to boost your hours/week from where you’re at currently (1 star).

Option A: Start riding more and ignore XATA guidelines and Training Pacer needle position for the moment. By the end of the second week XATA will recognize your new pattern and guidelines will begin to reflect that change.

Option B: Jack up the ramp rate to rapidly increase hours then lower the rate when you’ve reached what you consider your starting load for your progression.

When you do settle in and begin to heed the guidelines and needle position, deficit/surplus isn’t an exact target to hit, but a range to consider. Deficit is pts below Noon position and Surplus is above Noon. If the needle floats between 11am to 1pm you are attaining your desired ramp rate.

As far as weekly patterns go, XATA also reflects what you have done on same day of the week in recent past. You can always mix things up week to week by ignoring the same-day advice and consider the pacer needle position instead. For example, let’s say I have a deficit of 42 pts today, but recommendation is for 94 XSS due to what I normally do on Wednesdays. I decide an hour is what I can ride today, so I set Duration filter to 30min-1hour, review my options, and pick a workout I’d like to do in the 60-70 XSS range. As a result, I’ll have a small surplus for tomorrow. YMMV

Reference –
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