Wahoo kickr v5

Hello everyone, I’m new here, but I’ve been training on other platforms for years (Trainnerroad). I love the concept, but I’m having a lot of difficulty with the iOS application to control my trainer. I have a Wahoo Kickr v5, and the app struggles to maintain the prescribed watts. Have you experienced this kind of issue?


I suggest you include a screenshot of the trend. Note that some apps shows a 3 second average instead of the current value in the charts.

Is the problem on steady efforts or when you change the power levels? And a you using power matching?

No power meter just the trainer, this is my second workout I reset the trainer and the apps much better but at the end once again the power not stay on target again

I have not much experience with these. But it says smart workout. So the power target is dynamic while the graph of prescribed power is static. Can that be the reason?

To me, it looks like something else is trying to grab trainer control…

Are you using any other apps at the same time? In my experience, Zwift has been notorious for taking trainer control whenever it can.

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But which app would add roughly 5% to the power target for exactly the duration of the prescribed interval? That seems like a huge coincidence.

I also saw a similar effect once in a while, with no competing app.

Does the xert app write a log file with commands send to the trainer which we could inspect?

Turn off Power Smoothing on Kicker if currently enabled.

Try a different workout without short efforts like the 30-30’s in the SMART - Riot workout you did.
Does the issue persist?

Lots of newbie tips in my Onboarding post you may find of value.

Users running EBC on Android can file a support request with support@xertonline.com and use the Send Diagnostic function under About to send the log of a problem activity.

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