Using a previous activity as workout

Im riding the ronde van vlaanderen sportive in April which is something I’ve done several times before. Is it possible to use a previously ridden activity as a smart workout so that i can build my training up in a slightly more relevant way? I dont plan to ride the entire course but it would be good to jump in and out.

If you have FIT files for that event, you can import those into Xert to determine the focus duration for the course or portions of the course (highlight those sections). You can then tailor your training with that focus duration in mind.
Here’s an example session where a workout was created for that purpose (strain levels you’ll experience on the course) –
Xert - Paris to Ancaster Race (

Reference –
Training Right For Your Event – Xert (

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thankyou for this, thats super helpful.

I just highlighted a section from one of those activities (they are already imported into xert) and it seems to suggest polarized training might be the specificity required which is really useful to help target my training.

Is there no way to take that activity and create a work slope mode workout based upon it? I can just do this manually i guess…was just wondering if there was a clever way?

Polar specificity does not refer to polarized training but is a measure of variability (pure, polar, mixed) in arriving at a particular focus duration for an activity.

What is the focus duration for your event? You can set that as your goal focus duration (Athlete Type). No need to try and simulate the course itself. Instead target a focus duration point as key component of your training. For example. let’s say Rouleur (6-minute power) fits the course profile. On your high intensity days ride workouts that target that strain point. Search the workout library for Rouleur and you’ll find a variety of options. If you set a TED, a phased progression will start with endurance level workouts in Base phase and end with Rouleur by Peak phase.

Xert is a hybrid polarized platform by default but if you prefer strict polarized (easy/easy, hard/hard) you can accomplish that by selecting only low intensity workouts (LTP-ish in blue) when endurance work is recommended.

Hi @loggo10 ! Great question! It’s not a feature that we offer at this time, sorry. If you happen to have a Garmin or Wahoo, I think they both allow you to replay a previous ride with a Smart Trainer…

As @ridgerider2 was mentioning, you can look at the Focus of the ride that you had done previously, or by clicking and dragging over the ‘race winning effort’ (or ‘race deciding effort’) and use workouts with a similar focus. Alternatively, set that as your Athlete Type and using the Target Event program type and Xert will help guide your training as you approach your event.

Thanks both…ive reset my athlete type and will follow the guidance.

Just for the hell of it, i split my previous ride into 4 workouts and painstakingly built the workouts. I’ll throw them into the mix once in a while when the training advisor says they are suitable! But i do now appreciate this isn’t really necessary.

Also, I’ve just read the support documentation on Focus Duration following on from @ridgerider2’s advice. I think i had made some basic assumptions which were wrong…the document is really really good. Bravo.