Unproductive training

When using the planner to select a long endurance session, like I do most weekends.
It tells me they are unproductive, why is this? How is a couple of hours turning the pedals ever unproductive?

Am I interpreting this wrong?

Means XSS amount is lower than recommended based on Program settings and ramp rate.

“Unproductive” = “Not enough for progressive overload” based on your riding history.

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Thank you both, but the planner was recommending a complete day off. As I said a couple of hours in the saddle surely will always illicit some sort of positive response.
Not often I get the time to do longer endurance rides, have to make the most of them when I do.

If using the forecast AI beta then rest days basically mean accruing XSS is not required on that day to achieve your target goal/event (vs recovery days which mean you’re too fatigued to accrue XSS toward your goal on those days).

So it is unproductive because it isn’t needed to get you to your goal. For me rest day default recommendations are usually short recovery rides.

Don’t know enough to say if it is also factoring in when your next scheduled high and low intensity days are and that it is possibly unproductive because it will make you too fatigued for that future session.

Edit: Also worth remembering that the AI is built to get you to that fitness target in the most efficient (least work) way possible within your constraints. It’s at the start when you run it that you set “what is the fittest I can get in this time” by seeing if it can or can’t generate an appropriate plan for that target in those constraints.

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Thanks all, I have removed the plan.

Hopefully less confusion.

Next update will help you fill in the gaps of your training more easily.

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