Understanding Status

Not sure what’s going on there. 10 days is a very long time to have your status as yellow.

Might be worth posting the weekly stats tab of the planner page. You can add the LTL, HTL and PTL columns to see how much of each you have.


Thanks for your help.

Looks like your cycle training is limited to three days/week riding Zwift courses and workouts sourced elsewhere. Does that mean you never select any recommended workouts in Xert to ride with EBC?
What is IR set to?
Is Freshness Feedback set to 0 (neutral)?
Are you following a progression (TED) or is ATP set to Continuous?
What was XSS, Duration, and Focus (minutes/specificity) for Suku’s Playground is Makuri?

I use Xert’s recommended workouts in Zwift…running simultaneously ECB/Zwift. I don’t save Xert’s ride file because it doesn’t include Heart Rate…



Target Event

Thanks a lot for your help

What happens on the Planner when you remove the Squats entry?

Nothing happens. All stars stay the same color.

I suggest filing a request with support@xertonline.com and have them take a look at your data.
I don’t understand why Focus on the weekly stats changed to 3 minute level (Pursuiter) for this week.

Is your HRM ANT+ only and that is why it is paired to Zwift?

Oh. this does change if I remove the squats. But I have to include the squats, its my main focus until I can ride outside, my legs are very tired after this. That’s why I only do 6-7h indoor 3 days a week for the indoor season.

That used to be the case. Then i got a Polar10, but Xert ECB (iphone) sometimes doesn’t pick it up or interferes with the connection to my Garmin. I don’t see any advantage of the Xert file, vs Zwift or Garmin…Garmin file has HRV data. Am I missing something here?

There must be a very large amount of High/Peak XSS is the activity ‘Petit Boucle in France’ which is why it’s going to take so long for those ‘systems’ to recover.


@ridgerider2 @themagicspanner

So I removed the squats again, and refreshed a couple of times and now the planner shows I’m fresh by Sunday…an improvement, but still weird. Because 12 days of tired.

Should I not include the squats?

The large High/Peak XSS activity was when I got the breakthrough on March 8th. All the other rides are endurance.

Ah, yes, my mistake. It was enough to take your overall focus from Endurance to Pursuiter. That’s a big step up, and when you have practically no load before that the maths doesn’t work out so well, meaning you need a long recovery time.


Thanks a lot for your help. So this means that I need to use the freshness slider in order to reflect how I actually feel. So I moved it to +20

Now the stars make sense…I guess I should return the freshness slider to 0 when I’m tired and the system thinks I’m fresh?.

Yes, good time to use the slider and you can return to neutral when it feels right. :wink:
Personalizing Xert’s Training Algorithms by using Freshness Feedback – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Sometimes I am on the cusp and only need to slide 7-10 pts to trigger a change in form and recommendations. I have left it adjusted for a week or so before returning to neutral.
Once you increase training load and add some outdoor activities it should work fine at 0, but there will always be times when it makes sense to use it. (Predicted form does not reflect how you feel.)

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Thanks a lot for your help @ridgerider2

The H10 supports dual device connections on BLE (via Polar app setting) as well as ANT+ so it should work fine with HR on EBC in addition to HR on Zwift.

I prefer Xert’s workout name and description when I view my activity history. Then I know exactly which workout it was, plus the Xert workout report displays on Strava. I also know the name in case I want to mark as a favorite.


Do you know the workout names you performed on March 8 and March 12?

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Those two were custom workouts

March 8 - Test to update signature


March 12 - Xert’s Learning to Survive extended to 150 minutes

Looking at the weekly stats image you posted, your High & Peak Training Loads are almost non-existent - perhaps you’ve been doing a lot of base over the past couple of months?

Based on how the XPMC impulse-response model works with high/peak energy systems, adding even small amounts of strain will keep you yellow for relatively long periods of time. For example… For an athlete with a High TL of 0, an activity with even 5 High XSS will take a relatively long time to recover from, whereas an athlete with a High TL of 2 or 3 will be able to recover from 5 XSS in a much faster period of time. In some ways, it’s analogous to a brand new cyclist starting out training with no training load… they will need to start from the bottom & slowly progress their training load upwards. They won’t be able to start doing 100 mile long rides right after they start out.

I’ve been thinking about how the workout recommendations could be improved in the future… For now, my recommendation would be to use the freshness feedback slider as you start to add more HIIT into your training and slowly build up your High/Peak Training Loads.

Yes, It’s my offseason and the only high intensity I do is in the weight room. Should I have been manually adding all my squat session in the planner?

Ok, I get it now…however it seems a bit at odds with the idea of doing some intensity to refresh the signature. That’s exactly what I did, one hard session.

It seems that you are constrained by the way the system works. If the status is tired, the recommendation of only endurance is appropriate.

Thanks a lot for your help

There are two things that would convert me to use the Xert file:

  1. If it recorded all data, HRV, etc.
  2. If it kept the lap info that gets send to strava, with watts, hr, etc…per lap.

I don’t know why Xert doesn’t do any of this by default.