Understanding Form, Training Status and Colours

I’m confused, today my training status is red (very tired), my form is 20.9 and today the planner has a blue (fresh) colour under it. Which is correct.

I personally feel tired, didn’t train yesterday because was too tired as well. But according to what Xert thinks I can do, then ‘fresh’ seems correct, so why is my training status red? I’m glad it’s red because I can hardly turn the pedals today, same yesterday.

Is there any way to see a chart of training status history to understand how Xert thinks I’m recovering?

I read that the planner shows my stars colour as at midnight, so at 6am why is my Training Status on the Training tab red at 6am?

Somewhat related, Forecast AI struggled to predict any improvement over 4 months without big training loads. If I slide the Freshness Feedback to negative, eg. -30, then will this reduce my predicted improvement over the 4 months? My assumption is that it will reduce as I’ll train less.



Your status stars color shows predicted form as of right now.
The Planner gradient reflects your calculated freshness at the beginning and end of the day.
The Training page is more nuanced and essentially zooms is on a 3-day window (Today + following 2 days).

The Freshness Feedback slider only affects recommended lists.
For example, slide to the left for easier workouts and slide to the right for harder workouts.
Use the slider anytime calculated freshness doesn’t match how you feel.
If you feel calculated form is consistently off from how you feel, you can adjust the Recovery Demands slider under Program, Settings. Then Adapt Forecast or recast your plan.

Your FAI looks densely packed on the XPMC chart without any rest days.
What is your target date and max weekly hours set to?

I used forecast AI with a 4 month target date. The challenge was that I needed to increase my available hours otherwise Forecast AI could not successfully generate a plan with any improvements/increases. I have capped most week days at 2 hours availability which is probably above my actual availability, but I had to increase it to get Forecast AI to produce something… After just 2 weeks trying to follow the plan I feel extremely tired. I will adjust the recovery slider, but fear this will just reduce the projected performance gains to zero…

Going now to change the recovery need and rerun forecaster

I think the slider doesnt work with FAI, Im blue even when I set the freshness at -60 (red)

With the recent updates the Freshness Feedback slider only affects recommended workout lists, not the form gradient.

The Recovery Demands slider changes the gradient sensitivity (how quickly you go from red/tired to blue/fresh).

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