Unable to sync old strava activities using custom picker

I started a paid Xert account last week and was able to sync three months of activities (10/23-1/24) when I first set up the account. I’ve tried using the Sync Strava activities option but no activities older than 10/5/23 will sync when I try to add more activities. I’ve tried using the custom date range picker to limit to just 1 month of uploads but still no luck. I am currently using the free version of strava, does that limit how many activities I can export? I am trying to understand my how my fitness has changed over a longer period of different training strategies, so would like to have access to older strava activities.

Under Activity Types do you have Ride, Virtual Ride, and Workout selected to sync FROM Strava?
If the problem persists it’s best to file a support request with support@xertonline.com as it sounds account related.

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Thanks for your response. Yes I have all the activity types selected. I will take a look at your post and open a help ticket.

I have the same issue; when I select the extended date range, it doesn’t show any unsynced activities (not possible since those older Strava activities were never synced). So basically I have to go manually find or download all my .fit files to prime the data. Unfortunately probably not worth the effort for me.

You can either follow the instructions to seed your starting signature (no historical data required) or file a support request as noted above.

I’ll admit that my issue was not having the activities ‘checked’ on the left of the activity display when I went to upload the activities. I didn’t noticed that there was a ‘check’ requirement when going to sync.