Unable to set an AI goal to a target date

What I really would like is to be able to put a target date in and a power goal ( 20 minute power) AI would come back and say , with 13 weeks training at 8 hours per week you can hit 270 watts.

In the meantime I am taking my current 20 minute power (237) and trying to see what is needed to hit 250 or 275.

I am not able to get any such forecast and I have no idea why.

I share two screen shots, one showing that I have put a cap at 10.5 hours per week, although I know that cap is not rigidly enforced.

In the target date I have entered 31st March so about 12 weeks training.
However I cannot enter my target power above my current level of 237.Any number turns red and will not calculate.

Completely stumped by this. Any help appreciated.

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Try increasing your hours.

That did work - thanks for that.

The overall forecast is rather underwhelming. To get a 5 watt increase on 20 minute power 237-243 then I am recommended what appears to be an average of 10.5-11 hours per week for 3 months.

Not a great return on investment.

The forecasting does seem rather cautious and I doubt it takes much note of training experience or previous average hours per week.
It also seems to be written with a view that a big TL is better which it clearly is but I would think the average no of hours per week for Mid/low level cyclist is not into double figures.

Hours/week is only an estimate based on general averages. Everyone is different and some can do more XSS is less time so can squeeze more training into their available time. We opted to be more conservative in this respect rather than overcommit on what an athlete can achieve. If you feel it’s a bit light for you, add more weekly hours and plan to do workouts with greater difficulty to reduce the amount of time needed. You could also slide the Recovery Demands slider left to get less recovery. Of course, you’d need to be more conscious yourself on the impact this will have to your own recovery needs and ability to stay on plan.

Not being smart here but I just did a fitness test for breakthrough and upped my 20 minute power by 25 watts, saving myself 13 weeks of effort.

To be honest that is why I was rather disappointed in the forecast as I pretty much knew that if I did a 20 minute test I could add about 15 watts on if not more.

Best to run the forecast with an up-to-date signature.


Note that as of our last update, it should update your target after a breakthrough and look to maintain the existing training plan you had created but with a new target.

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