Unable to keep up with suggested training

Last 2 weeks i just cant keep up with the training, racing has started so races most weekends but with the suggested workouts and some long recovery rides which i add to the schedule my recommended week is 14 plus hours. TL for the weeks is about 120

You can adjust Improvement Rate at any time during your training whether ATP is set to a TED, Continuous, or Challenge.
If you have maxed out your hours/week, change IR to Maintenance.
If you want to reduce your hours, set to Taper for a week or so then Maintenance.
Keep in mind recommendations are a set of guidelines that reflect what you have done in the recent past. Any change to IR takes a week+ to reflect back on (as you establish a new pattern). In the meantime, you can ignore XATA especially in regard to day-of-the-week advice. Instead refer to pacer needle position which will change immediately when you lower IR.
At some point as the season takes over, you’ll use Xert more as a monitoring tool than for weekly training advice.

Hi Barry,

Can you share your recent XPMC? Also, what’s your Improvement Rate set to? Generally speaking, races should help you rack up a decent amount of XSS, but keep in mind that you’ll need to avg ~120 XSS/day just to maintain your training status. If your IR is unsustainable, I’d definitely recommend reducing it!

might have to diall down the IR rate
I just made myself super tired trying to stay on track