TTE value over estimated

Hi All,

I’m new to Xert and still trying to make sense of some of the metrics.

I already have a few BT to update my signature and I’m doing base for a number of weeks.

My PP it seems about right (maybe a bit too high to be repeatable) and my TP is on par with the Garmin estimation.

My TTE on the other hand is over estimated about 25%. How can I reset TTE?

PS - My decay is set as standard

Cheers everyone

What values are you entering to monitor?

Hi @ridgerider2,

My signature values are:
283W Threshold Power
23.0kJ High Intensity Energy
1,153W Peak Power

They were setup by Xert during BTs in different activities

But when I try to ride to my maximum TTE I always fail at large.

A few examples of max efforts



Many reasons for this to occur. Are you using the same power meter as the one where you got the breakthrough? Are you well-rested? Did you warm up properly? Are you in the correct gears (short, maximal efforts often need a good warmup and proper gear change execution to get a breakthrough).

Sometimes, your last breakthroughs may have been done on a uncalibrated power meter.

You’ll need to investigate a bit more to understand why.