TTE with no parameters

Hello, I am new in Xert, and I am currently studying MPA and TTE. I (think) understand MPA, but have question with TTE, specific when using it in Garmin IQ.
If Garmin & Xert knows my power curve, and knows my current power and the power of the workout, why just TTE can be how much time rests until both numbers are equal. Dont understand why have to configure a Watts number in the App. If I put 300 wats, It will tell me how much time I can keep 300 Wats. Ok, perfect, but what happens if in that uphill I am at 200 wats. The TTE datafield is useless ?? I have to know in advance how much power i will have to have proper TTE ? If TTE uses my current power and power curve, should be able to estimate how fast MPA will decrease, and give valuable information to uderstand if will reach the uphill or not. Thanks.

We originally developed TTE to be how long you could sustain your current power output but frankly it changed too much to be of value for training or racing. So we changed it so that you can configure the TTE you’d like to monitor. This makes it quite a bit less confusing to use and interpret.

OK I understand, power changes frequently and the curve is also moving, so the TTE changes a lot . What is the recomendation of wats to set up in TTE in that case ?? In a general way, put 20 min peak power ?

20 minute is good. I like 10 minute power so that you can visualize a bit of a “tank” where roughly 50% is left when it is at 5:00.

This is probably a stupid question but where on xert can I find my 20-minute power? I know where to find it in TP but I want to compare the two.

Hi Kevin,

You can find various points of your projected power duration curve from the Power Curve & Calculator


Thanks Scott.