Transitioning from outdoor to indoor riding

As cooler temps are quickly taking hold in the northern hemisphere, what does everyone do when transitioning from outdoor riding to indoor riding?
Do you take a week or 2 completely off the bike? Do you do mostly LT1 rides to start? Do you stick with what the Adaptive Training Advisor tells you to do?
I know the answer depends on what your weaknesses and goals are, but was curious what others do as they gofrom primarily riding outdoors to primarily riding indoors.

I’ll continue to follow the Adaptive Training Advisor with the workouts being performed indoors

I usually take a break by end of November and don’t ride at all for several weeks.
Then I start a phased progression in December with a TED sometime in April.
I start Base phase at a much lower hours/week commitment (indoors) than what I reach during the summer (outdoors).
I ignore the pacer needle and deficit during the first couple weeks and set IR to Slow which I may ramp up as I reach Build depending how I’m feeling.
I also start attending indoor group sessions if they’re at the focus/difficulty level I want and fit my schedule (aka wake-up in time :sleepy:).
I heed XATA guidelines for the most part (including Load More and Filter options) but if it’s suddenly a warm sunny day in winter I may head out for an easy spin instead.

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