Trainings advice not consistent


I am having trouble understanding the logic behind the Training Advice. I already did a session today, but I am adviced I could go for some optional training today with a 4.5 difficulty, even though I was still in red yesterday. That seems a bit optimistic:

Even if I would like to follow this advice, there are only 2 trainings available with 4.5 difficulty, but they focus on much lesser time. Recommended trainings however bring all kinds of difficulties.

Any advice what I should go value higher, difficulty or focus?

Thank you

For me i’ve some PB with training satu alaws fresh even if i’ve done a strong workout or race… Maybe linked?

How many hours/week are you training to be at 5 status stars?
XATA indicates you are ahead of your IR setting with a substantial surplus and could take 2 days off.

I am recovering from a fractured shoulder at the moment and train like 15h at the moment, was more earlier this year when I could still ride outside.

Yes, I see the surplus, but would like to go for the optional training. But I would expect the training then more easy sessions, not 4-star difficulty.

Recommendation is for low-strain endurance activity regardless of the difficulty rating indicated.
Only endurance focus will be recommended since you are in Base phase from setting a TED.
5 stars status reflects the high training load level you are at (15 hours/week).
You can do whatever you want at that level. :slight_smile:
You’ll have to make your own decisions since Xert does not currently model high volume/ultra-distance. Most users will never start a Base period at 15 hours/week. Nor do they want to ride indoors more than 2-3 hours. If you want longer workouts indoors at various focus points you can create them with Workout Designer using library entries as templates.

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