Trainingload - how is it calculated?

I am wondering how long back Xert looks to calculate your Trainingload? Mine has obviously fallen a lot lately :slight_smile:

TL is exponentially weighted moving average of XSS.
For a graph of TL see Progression tab, XPMC chart for whatever range you wish to view (ex. 3 months, Year, Forever).
TL is also tabulated by week (Mon-Sun) under Planner, Weekly Stats or Period Stats on EBC app.
The Training Pacer reflects last 7 days against your current ramp rate setting. If you resume training after a break it takes a couple weeks to fall into place.

Thanks for sharing your insight.
How long a period is the weighted moving average of xxs measured over?

Low TL, High TL and Peak TL are calculated separately and added together to give your overall Training Load.

The Low time constant is 60 days and High and Peak are 22 days.



Thanks for an accurate answer @themagicspanner :+1: