I’ve done 2 hard rides over the past 2 days and today Xert recommends another hard ride even though cycling literature suggests no more than 2 tough rides a week.
My athlete type is puncher.
Improvement rate is Moderate 2.

Thank you for your help

Post your Training tab page which looks like the image below from this article –
Training with the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor – Xert (

Also, post the titles of your last two ride activities which would have been classified by Difficulty, Specificity, and Focus. Example, Moderate Mixed GC Specialist Ride.

Xert will recommend hard (difficult) workouts unless you are considered tired. Your training status is still fresh (blue), so that is what you get.

Why you are blue is not possible to answer without looking at your latest activities, but most likely they are mostly below TP. I believe a sweet spot workout will not turn you into tired. Maybe the same with a threshold workout.

That is the signature portion of the XO page.
On a phone you want to scroll down to display XATA guidelines which includes this information.
This will provide us with the info we need to best answer your question.
You can also post links to your last two activities by selecting the Share/Public option under details. That will allow us to view the chart profiles.

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23 hours a week!!! Wow are you a professional?

I’m proud if i hit 10

At Continuous ATP you’ll see a variety of workouts suggested around selected Athlete type.
With a high TL of 5 stars you are in control of how you want to proceed including using Filter to change up selections or purposely perform a block of training as you wish.
A periodized progression only applies if a TED is set.
Form calculation dictates whether endurance level workouts will be suggested. You won’t see that unless prior activity includes a sufficient amount of high strain effort (orange/red on chart; above TP).