Training Status and form "bug"?

My traing status is 2 stars, Trained.
But when i highlight over with mouse it says recreational, which would be one star?

Your training status is not 2 stars. It’s ALMOST 2 stars, but the second one is not completely filled in. This keeps you in recreational.

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As @jcolp notes you are on the cusp. :slight_smile:
Go to the Planner tab, select Weekly Stats and note the number in the TL (training load) column.
TL is a weighted moving average of XSS values.
Here’s how that number relates to your status stars count and associated label.

0 Stars – Untrained: Training Load < 25
1 Star – Recreational: 50 > Training Load >= 25
2 Stars – Trained: 75 > Training Load >= 50
3 Stars – Competitive: 110 > Training Load > 75
4 Stars – Elite: 150 > Training Load >= 110
5 Stars – Pro Level: Training Load >= 150

Think of it as a continuum from Untrained to Pro Level that will vary from week to week depending on your schedule (volume), intensity of your training (strain ratio), and the ramp rate you’ve set.
Xert uses your status stars count to recommend corresponding diamond count workouts, the idea being to match difficulty level to what you are capable of completing.
As your star count increases, so does your ability to tackle more difficult workouts.


better image to see/look at.

thanks for replies
i think it 2 stars though, and it did show as trained, but now shows as recreational. don’t know why it changed. thought the update may have something to do with it.

What is the associated number value?
You can either view Weekly Stats on the Planning tab or select Period Stats on the EBC app (Android or iOS) and you’ll see TL start/end numbers for the week and the delta.
For example, 52, 49, -3.3.

start 41
end 46
ramp rate 4.5
dates Oct 18th to today

It’s just a rounding difference between what we can show visually with the stars versus the continuity of TL… With a TL of 46, you’re still technically 4 TL away from being “2-star” status.

Assuming you continue to follow a Ramp Rate (Improvement Rate) of 4.5 TL/week, you will definitely reach 2-star status in the next week or so :smiley: