Training harder than what Xert suggests?

Performed a low intensity workout the day before yesterday (as suggested by Xert AI). I felt fine, the weather was good, I had plenty of time: so I would trainer a little harder. The result:
Forcasted:Peak 0 / High 0 / Low 81
Completed: Peak 4,1 / High 7,5 / Low 123

Yesterday a rest day. Today on the bike: it didn’t go well, felt tired, bad legs…
Was this the result of the day before yesterday or has nothing to do with it?
Is it advisable to always stay close to the suggested values and not want to go faster in order to get an optimal training result?

Did you adapt your plan after the first workout? Also, what type of ride was then scheduled for the day you struggled?

How much rest time you need after a ride depends on how much training you are used to and how much you have done lately (cronical vs acute training load). And of course what your body can handle overall.

7-8 high XSS sounds hard to me, so you should probably have a few days wit low intensity or rest.

4.1 Peak XSS may likely be harder. Depends on High and Peak TL.