Training for a series of events

I’m looking to get back into short course XC MTB racing this season and was wondering how best to set the TED for a series of events? Usually, the series is a few short course races (60-90 mins) then the season ender is a longer Olympic length race (90-120 mins). Is there a way of setting A and B target dates in Xert like there is in TR?

its coming soon to xert :partying_face:


Thanks - any idea on timescales? Cos my race series starts in April! Just trying to figure out how to plan my time as efficiently as possible (although, as a fairly de-trained athlete, I guess just riding more will reap decent enough rewards!).

In the meantime – Multiple events - #2 by ManofSteele

Ah helpful, thank you!

My races are around 3-4 weeks apart, so might be better to set my TED to the first date then just readjust the TED to the next race each time? I think there will be 6 races in total (although I’m unlikely to make them all because life gets in the way)

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