Training for a BIG ride

Hello, I am new to Xert and I am wanting to use it for a big event on 19, 20, 21 May. It is the 6Points Cycling Challenge Mallorca and it is 420 kms with 7500 meters vertical in 3 days. Stage 1 is 170 kms and 3500 metres. Not insignificant!

My question is - how do I tell Xert how tough the goal is that I am training for? As far as I am aware, you only tell Xert of the date of the event, not how tough it is.

Advice gratefully accepted! I do not want to get to the event and find that I am woefully undertrained!



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I’m over in Mallorca end of April for 8 days cycling with my son. We love it there. Its cycling heaven.

I’ve been using Xert for a couple of years now, coming from a couple of years before that with TrainerRoad.

I love xert and the controls it gives you over everything.

What ive done this year is set my TED for the 1st day of riding that we will have in Mallorca.

Ive set my Improvement Rate to Moderate -2 which is building me up to 12 hours by the week of my TED.

The key to riding big miles and big climbs over multiple days is durability built by increased and consistent load.

Ive also created a couple of long LTP interval workouts to simulate long Tempo climbs.

I have my Athlete Type set to "“Climber” but also throw in a “Puncheur” workout every 7 to 10 days too.


I received great advice for a 270km event with 4000m of short to medium length hills on gravel.

Essentially a climber or GC specialist seemed appropriate to handle some of the punchy nature, could even go one focus length shorter Rouleur.

But really the primary factor that will affect ability to handle the length and difficulty of event was TL. I was advised 110TL or 4 star as a good base target if possible. Currently on track and enjoying the continuous improvement, will likely end up around 115TL. Although still a ways out I’m feeling confident with what the program is providing.

Good luck with your event! Sounds amazing.


Hi all - I’m in a similar situation (Frontier 300 on June 17th. 1 Day - 300k +5,000m (not insignificant!)

My question is how do I put in actual planned rides so the trainer can plan around them?

I’m trying to put a training session in today, knowing tomorrow I’m doing 125k +1500m. I don’t want to blow out today so I can keep up with my mates tomorrow!


I guess it depends how you intend to ride the big ride. I would find a similar ride in the past, then look at XSS and focus of that ride and find a similar workout to plug into the planner to see how it would affect the suggestion for Saturday. At the same time if I knew that my XSS would be met for the week with the big Sunday ride I might take the opportunity to rest on the Saturday. I essentially followed this this past weekend. On Friday with nothing planned I looked at XSS remaining as of Sunday. Knowing my Saturday ride would cover the XSS within focus and a little extra I took the opportunity to recover both Friday and Sunday. On Sunday a recovery ride was all that was suggested, unfortunately I don’t remember what it advised for the Friday. Not sure if that helps, but I felt like the system was still advising and verifying that my weekend plans were keeping the training on track.

Long rides is what i do for a living, kidding, kind of , just my passion. Endurance is very simple ride your bike as much as you can. Basically training load should be 110 to 120 xss average, 4 star plus, athletes type climbing, moderate 2 .
If you are planning to ride 300 k in a ride you should be riding between 12 and 15 hours a week prior to the event, building progressive to it.
I recommend a lot of long ride 80 to 150 k depending on currently fitness
Very important for me polarized training 80 to 90 %of the time riding long but under Lower Threshold Power LTP and 1 per week being fresh some intervals slightly above threshold. It will build a huge Threshold Power and LTP.
There is only one way to recovery from 12 hours plus week of training got be easy enough to accumulate fitness without overtraining, Power below LTP or 85% your max heart rate. Only a problem it needs time and patience. Good luck in your event and have fun. I am a Xert member since the beginning and you can follow me on strava.


Thank you @elieser74 :slight_smile:

I clicked the link and saw lovely seaside rides!
Then went to the profile and saw the Canadian winter!

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