Training during ZRL

I’m currently on the continuous improvement at a moderate-2 schedule. I average around 7 - 9 hrs a week. ZRL just started yesterday and the legs are pretty wrecked :sweat_smile:. I still signed up for the TTT on Thursday. Which I’ll probably just keep in my schedule. Should I change my improvement rate down to maintenance or slow? So that I can do ZRL on Tuesdays and TTT on Thursdays. My plan is to start my base season after ZRL for my IRL races for next season. Planning on bumping up my training to about 10 - 12 hrs in the base season. Would like to hear your thoughts and/or what you’ve done.

Just do easy rides or a rest day on Mon/Wed and then race the following day.
You do not have to follow every session as recommended by Xert.


Changing Improvement Rate will adjust the total XSS recommended each week. This may actually not be necessary, as I expect that you will get a good dose of XSS from your ZRL races.

Xert will also adjust your training recommendations based on what you actually do. As @johnnybike mentioned, you’ll probably be recommended easier/endurance rides after your ZRL races (when you have yellow stars).

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