Training deficit in XATA vs fitness planner at different time

I’m new to Xert and try to understand the deficit. I not 100% sure how it works. If info is clear somewhere, it would be nice to point it to me.
It is 9am, the training advisor is telling me I have a 100XSS deficit.

My usual activity time is set to 5pm.
When I click on “today’s date” in the fitness planner, it opens a “Manual Activity” page (activity at 4:59pm) and shows me a deficit of 132XSS. When I change the activity time, it shows me a 37XSS deficit.

I’m a bit confused, I really like the idea of continuous adjustment, but I need to understand before committing to the concept.

Thank you all for help,

Listen to podcast 7 and all will be revealed.
I have just listended to that podcast today and it was mentioned. I am considering changing the default time of my workouts as I normally do them about 17:00-18:00.

Below is a list of timings and your answer is in one of these sections

  1. Is the adaptive training advisor a replacement for a coach? (19:00)
  2. Understanding the recommended training (20:30)
  3. How recommended workouts are determined (23:00)
  4. Choosing other recommended workouts (24:37)
  5. Using Freshness Feedback to influence the recommended training (25:30)
  6. How Xert helps both the athlete and the coach (27:12)
  7. Going “off plan” with other rides and races during your program (28:40)
  8. Warnings you might see from the advisor. (30:48)
  9. Can you improve forever? (32:20)
  10. What is Today’s Advice and what you need to do at any given point in your training (34:20)
  11. Planning workouts into the future (36:40)
  12. Learning to trust the immediate advice (38:55)
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Thank you, I’ll listen to it attentively !

In the Fitness page, from the podcast:
The needle indicate the actual fitness (right now)
The triangle indicates your fitness in 24hours (right now + 24hours)
The triangle color indicates your freshness in 24hours.
The following figure shows my actual needle without planned training for today:

The following figure shows my actual needle with a planned training for today:

How a planned training in the future affect my actual needle ?
Still confused !

I think it’s because once you put a ride on the planner, XATA assumes you have done it until the usual time of day has passed, therefore it credits you with the XSS per the workout. Hence it is showing you where you will be when you have done the planned workout.


I think you are correct @Speedy_Squirrel.
However I do think that the process of forecasting based on an EXACT time of training is flawed. Agree it should include the next days planned training but not based on an exact time.
I find it hard to tell whether a session hs been included in the visual or not.

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