Training and Planner Suggestions Needed

I completed my first 2024 target event yesterday. It was a climb up Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, turned out to be about 55 miles and 4,000ft. I utilized the Continuous training as it seemed the simplest mode for my very first Xert trained event. As Xert had estimated several months back when I first started my focused training for this event, I hit 200 TP one week before the event. It’s really amazing how Xert was able to predict my fitness improvement. I didn’t follow the recommended workouts exactly, but did track it pretty well.

Here are my questions. My next event in late September is a multiday touring ride with my buddies, about 6 days of 150 to 250 XSS per day.

How would you set up Xert to organize your training? How should I use the Planner? Should I put in those six days into the calendar now?

I don’t want to overly direct this thread. Please feel free to approach my questions from whatever angle you want.

Thanks in advance!!!

I would use the Target Date function, set the target date as the first day of your September event and broadly follow the XATA suggestions to keep the needle in the 10 - 2 zone. I’d probably set the progression level to Moderate-2 and see if you can deal with the training volume. If it’s too tough, dial it back to Moderate-1
I like to play with the planner to add in my stock rides and see what I can fit in to my weeks without going Red, but it’s not vital, more for interest.

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Think the biggest thing to inform that training is are they 6 days of hard rides where you’re pushing above TP regularly or are they 6 days of cruising at LTP?

Never tried it but if I were setting up for that for the former situation I’d probably use XFAI for a target event of XSS for maybe double what I’d do in any one day…not sure if it makes sense but I’d feel that gives me a ‘buffer’ of being over prepared.

If its the latter at LTP…I’d just set target date either normally or XFAI for the first day and trust that those intensities I should be able to recover from.

Whether XFAI or using the needle to point north I’d also try to mimick the 6 day on, 1 day off structure in my training, and if I knew the route and that there was a big climb on day 3 or whatever, I’d throw my high intensity stuff on the corresponding day in my training

Thanks Rob and Alex for your replies! Super helpful!

I really like the point about riding multiple days in a row during my training, which isn’t typically what I’ve done. I tend to ride on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then the weekend. Occasionally doing a ride on the other days if I had to miss or just felt inspired to ride. At least riding multiple days in a row seems exactly right.

no real advice on using Xert but if this was me, I’d want that 6 days to be as enjoyable as possible and not a struggle / training week. of course you’re gonna be tired but I wouldn’t wanna be suffering. sounds like a lifelong memory / experience.

So I would do stuff to mimic the trip. at least 1 or 2x a week, I’d load my bike up with all the gear you’ll be riding with. I know for me even with the same wattage it def feels harder when my bike is loaded (maybe i’m using more muscles to balance / turn - or maybe it’s in my head)

if you know what time of the day you’ll be riding, maybe do that if it’s a factor (for example I try not to ride the first two hours of the day as I wake up / loosen up…but if I knew I was going to wake up and ride right away for that trip, i’d do that).

I dunno you so no offense…just for myself. when I gain or lose 5 lbs from my body, I feel a difference…so if you are planning on dropping a few lbs at some point this year, maybe now would be the best time so you could be in weight maintenance mode for the month before (losing weight sucks for me…so I wouldn’t wanna be losing right up to the event).

if you’re gonna be doing big long hills and you normally don’t, maybe find some or just ride up and down the biggest hill near you.

love the idea of switching your training to multiple days in a row as your schedule allows. maybe sneak in even 30-60min on the trainer (or around the block - whatever is quickest) every day if your life lets you. maybe take 1 day off or something.

anything along those lines I’d consider…even if you don’t do it every week, at least here and there.

good luck. sounds awesome. i’m jealous.