Training Advisor modifications

Good morning,
I went riding in Mallorca for a week, 100 km/day, and Xert considers that I will ride like this every week.
But I usually do 3 outings a week, around 7 hours of cycling.
How to tell Xert that the week in Mallorca was exceptional.

Thank you for your help


P.S.: I am in “Continuous” and “Maintenance”.

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XATA operates on a rolling 7-day window and the types of activities you’ve performed in recent past on same day of the week.
Give it another week or so for the recent high activity to be absorbed into your return to a “normal” pattern.
XATA guidance provides a range of possibilities based upon your current position to Noon on the Training Pacer (deficit/surplus) against what you have done recently versus how much you can or want to train today (you decide duration).
As long as the pacer needle hovers between 11am-1pm week to week you are doing fine.
A week off would drop you towards red. A week of extra activity would push you into “ahead of plan”. In either case it will take a week plus to settle into an altered pattern. In the meantime you’re in charge essentially advising the advisor. :wink:
You can also change IR at any time if you decide to scale back (ex. recovery week) or increase your TL (ex. training camp). That will immediately recast the numbers.

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Hi ridgerider2,
Thank you very much for your answer which helps me understand better.
I am not “old” with Xert :wink: