Train with XERT - using Tacx Flux Smart 2

can someone explain a newbie like me how to set up my Tacx to use XERT -

I have multiple platforms like Zwift, Open Road etc but just cant figure out to how a set up should look like.

I would like to use videos from Open Road while doing my training if possilbe.

Thanks and please bear with a newbie
BR Henrik

Start simple with just the phone app controlling the workout and watching the Session Player on XO (

  1. Install Xert EBC on your phone (iOS or Android).
  2. Verify sensors are connected (trainer control, power, HR, cadence).
  3. Select a workout (Play Now) on XO under Training tab.
  4. If EBC is already running on your phone, swipe down on home screen to re-sync to XO. That will pick up the workout selection you made online. You can alternately select a workout on the phone app using Filter.
  5. Select and start the workout on the phone app.
  6. View the Session Player on your browser screen (PC/laptop/tablet). It may take a few seconds to sync with phone app running the workout.

If that’s working as expected, let us know and we can explain how to include Zwift or OR during your workouts.

Reference –
Quick Start Guide: EBC Android – Xert (
Using The Xert App for iOS – Xert (


thanks appreciate your support

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