TP lower than FTP by 22W

When using the Zwift ramp test i get an FTP of 260, however once i uploaded all my history in here i’m getting TP 238, HIE 26.4k, Peak 1055. I think i had saw documented that this platform tends to show a TP slightly higher than traditional FTP’s so i’m just wondering if there are tweaks i should do to make those 2 values come a bit closer. My decay is set to Optimal.

Depends how long it’s been since your last breakthrough? If a while, it will have decayed as you say. You can see that on your progression chart (XPMC)

In general there’s no need for manual tweaking, and the best tip for an accurate signature is just to get another breakthrough (search forum for tips)

After that, if you don’t regularly go all-out eg during base training, I’d put it on ‘no decay’ until you do plan to do some hard riding again

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Sounds like you already have a handle on things but I suggest you review this thread if you haven’t already and post a bio profile (11 questions) so we can best answer your questions.

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A @wescaine points out your signature will dial in over time from BTE’s (breakthrough events) which can occur organically or be targeted by selecting a BT workout and riding it in slope mode. See tips in the thread above.
“All-out” effort to achieve BT’s is relative. You aren’t required to perform traditional FTP tests (RAMP, 20 min or 2x8) which are a lot harder.
XATA will warn you with a triangle(!) below your training status if your signature becomes stale (no BT’s in over three weeks).
Keep in mind TP isn’t the same as FTP for everyone but lots of users find a close correlation.

2. Favero Assioma, Wahoo Kicdkr Snap, Fuji Transonic Road Bike, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, Android Phone
3. 37 years old
4. 1.5 years - I use zwift mostly to keep me engaged, I’ve never used an actual platform for training purposes such as Training Peaks or Trainer Road.
5. Mostly recreational but I want to compete also, no
6. Gradual growth, my long term goal is to be the best i can be by age 40 to compete in masters
7. 18 months
8. 4 stars
9. Rouleur
10. Moderate-2
11. 1st July

You are in the tail end of Base phase and already very fit (4 stars).
Base and half of Build may seem too easy if you’ve followed any cookie-cutter plans in the past but that is the Xert way (hybrid polarized). Low intensity hours add up and increase your TP even if you aren’t spending lots of time above or just below (sweet spot).
I suggest experimenting with focus duration (athlete type) which you can do by using Filter before reviewing the recommendations including Load More which will provide greater variety.
If you grow impatient with Base mile recommendations you can always challenge yourself on occasion. For example, select a BT workout or hardness test which you will want to do anyway if your outdoor rides aren’t generating BT’s to keep your signature dialed in.
Let us know if you have any other questions. Enjoy the ride.

Why does it matter? Just train. Let the numbers take care of themselves.

Similar question. Using the xert ftp app on my Garmin I got a 227 ftp and a 216 TP on my recent BT ride. I’m curious which number I would be using to track progress on other platforms where it asks for my FTP.

I’d say your current TP/FTP is 215ish or 220ish.
The numbers are estimates of a moving target.
The FTP estimate app on the Garmin is not as robust at a post-ride analysis on XO.
That’s why you can get a BT alert on a Garmin (Connect IQ player app) or EBC on a phone, but not when that activity is uploaded to XO.

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What platform is prompting for FTP in order to track it but is not able to estimate it?

Ty. Strava and Garmin. I don’t let them auto calculate because they mess things up