TP Lower in Xert than TrainerRoad

Hi all, my last Ramp Test (done in trainer road) put me at 232 FTP. When I started Xert last week with only a couple months of data, it listed my TP as 227. Yesterday, I added data back to January 2019, and now my TP is 207, which feels very easy. Any advice?

See 20 Minute FTP and Ramp Tests

Seasonally the lower number may reflect expected numbers based on past performance.
It could also be some of the historical data needs to be flagged (ignored for calculations).
Xert needs several weeks of current power data to dial in your fitness signature.
Include a BT workout in resistance mode and push hard on the last interval until failure. If your signature does not change much you should accept the results, continue with suggested workouts, then do another BT workout in a week or two (or an outdoor group ride that isn’t easy).
IME base phase in Xert does feel easier compared to other platforms. I consider that a benefit.


Thanks all! I did the Fitness Test version 3 for smart trainers and my TP is back to a more realistic 223. I subscribed to the podcast to learn more about how this platform works. I’m so used to Trainerroad and The Sufferfest that I’m having trouble getting my head around the way this platform works. But, I think it will work better for me in the long run. On a related note - I wish Wahoo would play ball with Xert as I just upgraded from a Garmin 520 to Wahoo Elemnt Roam.

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