Tp decreasing

I have done many workouts, 5 in the last week, but still my TP goes down the day after the ride by 1 watt. How can I prevent this, as I think this is not correct

I’m a new user, so might not have the information completely correct, but in your profile there is a ‘decay’ built in, so your TP decreases over time.
It is called “signature decay method” in your profile. You can adjust this, although I have left it at default for the moment.

Your TP is based on having a ‘breakthrough’ which you probably are not getting during your normal training workouts. The next time you have a ‘breakthrough’, your threshold power will be updated.

This article here suggests that for the base phase of your training you can set it to ‘no decay’

[Signature Decay Method – Xert (](Signature Decay Method – Xert

But if the TP goes down to the next breakthrough when it may not be the case in reality, we are going to train with the wrong zones?

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You need to dial your fitness signature in and settle on it, I would say a good plan is to set your fitness signature in a area you think you are at or rather low.

Then go and attempt a breakthrough workout, a race of some sort or even an outdoor group ride that is hammering… pretty much anything where you can give it a max effort.

After you have done this and you know you are on the off-season you can consider a “No Decay” signature which fluctuates your FS based on load.

I would say attempting some sort of BT workout every 3-4 weeks is a great idea until you are outside doing more consistent work and switching back over to optimal decay.

This is my $.02

You can slow down your decay to no decay training load matched if you are not doing breakthrough workouts or to slow decay if you are on optimum decay. This is on your profile tab in account settings.

For many athletes, these changes are relatively small and wouldn’t make a material difference on day to day training, especially given the error margin in most power meters is already 1%. You should also notice that your signature receives a small bump up in response to training strain (XSS), which can help offset the decay.

If you’re riding extended periods of time without any maximal efforts, it’s possible that the system would underestimate your fitness level, which is likely a better option than overestimating a user’s fitness level and causing burnout or injury. In those situations, users might consider either attempting a BT effort on a routine basis (~4-6 weeks) or switching to Slow/No Decay - Training Load matched decay.


Perfectly normal for TP to float up/down a bit day to day.
Depending on where you’re at in your training cycle you want TP to decay so you can more easily bump it on your next BT.
Xert’s Magic Setting – Signature Decay – Xert (

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