TP big increase..?

Can anyone have a look into my account after my recent activity TP increased from 180 to 225 (silver BT) just curious with it being such a large jump and readings from my PM dont seem to be near it maybe I’m doubting myself and its correct. Thanks

If you post your BT report we may be able to provide some insight.
Was the activity indoors or outdoors?
When was your last BT?
What is your status stars count?

Fastest way to reach support is to email

You can compare various BT efforts from other users in this thread –

Thanks where and what is the BT report?

The activity was outdoors I currently have 3 full stars and my previous BT where on
Sunday March 27th (silver)
Wednesday March 23rd (gold)


When you view activity details there is a BT badge icon next to the title.
Click that icon and a BT report is generated that includes a download option. You can post the file here.

Can’t seem to find where to down load it it’s probably staring at me apologies but this is still fairly new to me


Example, here’s my silver badge for a prior BT workout.

Which goes to this –

Are you viewing XO ( on a phone or PC/tablet?

Found it thanks, my PM is ment to auto zero (edge 1030/vector 3) so I’m assuming the data is correct it just seems such a large increase

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Looks to be a long ride with multiple hard efforts and two sizable stops.
Next take a look at activity details, Advanced MPA tab, and click Previous.
That will show you what the chart looked like with your prior signature applied. Post that if you want (will require a screen grab).
You will see MPA flatline sections where the BT moments occurred, likely in several places in your case. The longer you flatlined, how often, and how much determines adjustments to one value or another.
HIE rise indicates improved capacity and repeatability. TP change indicates sustained power increase.
If subsequent workouts feel too hard you can also use the Advanced MPA tab to adjust your signature. But first see how well you perform with the new TP.
Hard SMART workouts should be tough, but you should be able to complete most if not all intervals at 100% intensity.
The fact you are having frequent BTs is a good sign your signature is getting dialed in.

Yeah your correct it was quite a long ride 102 mile one stop a friend got a puncture and the second stop was a coffee stop, I’ll post more info when I arrive home from work later today :+1:

That’s previous

Either your power data is erroneous, or your signature was significantly underestimated. If you’re sure the power data is valid, then the latter option is more likely. In that case, a jump of 34W could very well be reasonable.

I have flagged that ride and TP has dropped to what I think is more realistic, I’ll see how it goes on the next ride. Thanks all