TP after a long time off

Hey everyone


Last year I had a mini stroke, at 39. It was honestly pretty terrifying. After a big workup they discovered it was due to something called a PFO (small hole in the heart). I’ve had the hole closed with a small device inserted up through the groin. I had to pretty much completely stop cycling, maybe a ride a month and just easy zone 2, and haven’t cycled for 8 months.

I went from being in the best shape I’ve ever been in, placing in a few smaller races, even winning one for my age. Was pretty gutted to completely stop cycling.

I’m 3 months post op and have just started back training in this week. Taking it very slow, limiting to 30-45 minute rides as I build back in. It feels great. I’ve noted that my top power is way over estimated (by 200 watts), my HiE is for sure overestimated (28 when that was my top end when I was training), and my TP seems high too. It’s hard for me to tell for sure with the TP because I am still on one drug called a beta blocker that keeps my heart rate low, so it’s hard for me to really get that top end, so I feel like a FTP test in a sense is out the window for the next few months. My TP is down 90 points from its highest ever. I trained fairly hard for 2 years after getting into cycling after being a former varsity basketball player.

Wondering if anyone can comment on having a long time period off and what their numbers might look like, does XERT tend to overestimate things?




Whoa! Glad to see you are back in the saddle. Hope your return to form runs smoothly.
The article below should help some but in your situation consider editing your signature by viewing your last activity and enter what you consider reasonable values for current TP and PP. You can set a mid-range figure for HIE based on this chart. Then Save/(lock) and move forward from there.
That way you’ll start to bump against those numbers sooner as you slowly return to fitness and increase TL and intensity.