Today's Update

We rolled out changes today in a number of areas to improve usability and simplify the experience. Adding/planning/modifying activities and workouts on the planner is now simpler with just one screen with more filter and search options available:

Mobile planner has improved with various fixes as well:

We’ve also started to roll out our new Relative Power algorithm (RP). More info to come on it as we fill out the feature (note the three columns in the right panel - Power, RP and W/kg). Relative Power accounts for grade and weight to calculate a power number that will be a better comparator between different size riders - better than power and also better than W/kg:

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Still not seeing ability to delete planned rides on mobile planner - was that fixed?

That was fixed and should have been included. Sit tight for a bit while I figure out where the fix went.

Workout picker modal changes are very nice. Love that you added a Specificity filter!!

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@xertedbrain Can you have a look at how you determine the outdoor rides? It doesn’t look like you require them to have GPS data, but I think you show any rides that are not “virtual” or tagged as a workout. I think the point of this functionality it to get help to pick a route (thus it must have gps data) that will give them the right XSS and focus.

Looks like you also show these activities when I click on Virtual, but in that case I think you also want to require location data to pick your virtual route.

Can we now drag and drop workouts in the calendar? And copy and paste workouts ?

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No, that is still not possible.

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Thats a shame

Thanks for reporting. We’ll sort this out.

@xertedbrain Did you remove the non-GPS items already? They do not show when I click on Outdoor or Virtual now.

However, they still show when I click on All. I guess All should only show a combination of what you show under Workouts, Outdoor, Virtual, and Sessions. I.e. they should not be suggested.

Same search, but changed to outdoor only:

a button for personal Workouts would be nice.
Best regards Thorsten


It is possible if you open the filter dialog.

I must be missing something - from my point of view it has gotten more difficult to select the right workout.

A - The full workout list: The workout filter is missing the “focus field”:

B - The full workout list: the list of filtered workouts are missing the precise focus time, and is just saying eg “pure endurance”, like it is a mix of “Specificity” and “Focus”, rather than a exact time like it used to do:

C - the planing screen. it looks like some of the new features have been rolled back. Just a week ago I had a nice button layout when planning my rides (4 buttons if I remember correct). Now I have the filter setup we had previously (don’t really see a big difference), and too me it seems like the “ai/ml” has gone from the recommendations. Despite being in a build phase where I should do “focus = 1h”, the algorithm proposes focus = 3h. With the “plan my workout button” the suggested workouts seemed to take into account the phase of “build” you where in.

I can’t really see a smart way to pick a workout with the right endurance focus, without opening them in the “details” view and I actually found it faster to make my own workouts rather take any of the suggested, as they all had the wrong focus.



Looks like a bug. If you add a workout via the planner or training tab you can still filter for focus

For your points B and C it is still recommending workouts for the targeted focus, it’s just that in practice there is not a big difference between 1 hour and 3 hour focus… and that there aren’t many (or any) ‘workouts’ with 1 hour focus with the XSS and time/difficulty constraints you have… I wouldn’t worry, but an option to shorten focus duration for endurance rides is to increase (set a minimum) difficulty when filtering. Or maybe try the autogen for more precision (though I havent checked how it deals with endurance)

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Yep, looks like a bug as it’s missing for me too.

Hope this is a bug and focus get’s added back in, as I prefer to use the workous list when searching!


A shout out for the return of the planner table, I really miss this. The weekly totals are ok but it’s a clunky solution to what was previously a great way of seeing month by month+ progress; overall the planner feature needs a lot of work in terms of UI the overall UX is clunky. There’s a feeling like trying to fit in a lot of detailed information on a single pane of glass and yet you can just see a week at a time and barely get a feel for where you are in terms of a month.


Try the “progress” menu/function. It’s made for that.

Do you mean ‘Progression’ menu? Sure, from a graphical point of view it’s fine, just like TSS chart, TL charts from competitor platforms, Fitness in etc. But, you have to set the period you want to review; so fine for taking a helicopter view of the time periods and I like it for season long comparison, viewing BTs. That’s not what I meant though, you have to dig in/hover to view the numbers on the chart, whereas the planner chart had everything in a table, all the numbers just there; I’m probably conditioned to spreadsheet data layout or some other mental issue, you know cyclists look at the world differently. Anyway like all good platform toolsets there should be multiple methods of presenting the data for the wider audience/userbase.

You just cant see this detail below:

[*Note: Ex is not my data]


Yeah, I would concur with this - the Weekly Stats table option in the Planner was very useful.
I used to frequently look at this chart, as it gave an overview of how training has been going.
It is a shame, that it has disappeared.