Time to ease up?

Hi All
I am trying to use the AI to schedule for an Event in September but unless I crank up the hours (from 12.5) to 25hrs per week it doesn’t show any improvement.
Is it telling me i should just reduce the hours as the end result seems the same ?

There are reported issues with the Setup Guide when planning for an Event in relation to your current TL and max hours.
For now, try setting a Goal instead using Puncheur or another Focus Duration point.

Thanks RidgeRider2 i tried a few combinations but end up with a lower signature in all cases

Hi John, good question!

Your current Low TL is already quite high at 118, which indicates that you’re averaging the equivalent of ~2 hrs/day (or ~14 hrs/wk) of low intensity training, since low intensity rides often average ~60 XSS/hr. To decrease the estimated weekly time needed to train, you can add in high intensity trainings which increase the rate at which you can accumulate XSS, but those sessions will require easier endurance rides afterwards so your high/peak systems can recover again, which requires more time for Z2/endurance training.

If your training load(s) remain stagnant, then Xert will expect no increases in fitness. That’s kinda how it works… if you keep doing what your body is used to, there won’t be any fitness to be gained. You can try marginally increasing your weekly availability if you’d like and see if that helps at all! PM me or send an email in to our support team if you’d like some further assistance with setting up a Forecast AI training program.