Threshold powers seems low

My Threshold power is 190 and my LowerThreshold power is 136, I’m finding my workouts very easy. is there a way I can test if this is correct? I did a ramp test on Friday and got an FTP of 225.

Do a Xert breakthrough workout (search the library) in slope mode (not erg / auto, even if the description suggests it), and make sure

  1. you truly go to failure (so extend the interval or ride harder than suggested for the last interval in each block - an advantage of slope mode)
  2. you also include an all-out sprint at some point (to get an accurate peak power). Can be a separate workout as it’s easiest when fresh / start of a workout

You don’t strictly need to do a breakthrough workout, but they are good at making sure you draw down MPA over a sufficient time period e.g. 10 min or so. I like v3, or just a Ronnestad workout trying to exceed each interval by 10 to 20%

You can also check your signature vs ‘norms’ here to get a sense whether relativity really are ok.


Thanks, Wesley, I did the workout you recommended and it has brought the Threshold and Lower threshold up.

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