Targeted XSS vs Result XSS

Today Xert wanted me to do SMART - Killing Me Slowly - 60 a ride with a targeted 88XSS
I followed the erg workout to the letter which resulted in an XSS of 69
Is there a reason for this?

It is not unusual to be a bit off. What brand/model trainer?
Post the workout report by clicking the report icon under activity details, download, then post here.


Using a Wahoo Kickr (Smart)
Is this the ride report you mean? Only one I can find.

Okay, so what happened here is a BT was detected on this workout which raised your signature values which in turn results in lower XSS for the activity.
IOW when you started the day your TP signature was X and you rode the intervals with that value controlling trainer resistance. When the workout was analyzed Xert determined your signature should have been X+3. When the workout is re-analyzed with the adjusted signature you rode slightly less than the strain targets intended.

When a BT occurs, there is a button at the bottom of the activity details called Previous.
If you click that button the chart will display where the BT occurred, if more than one, and how long MPA was flatlined. Or you may have a PP BT only as the result of a short max sprint effort where you exceeded your prior PP.

Reference –
Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (

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To me that looks like something went wrong. A Breakthrough would have MPA (violet line) touch power output somewhere and this is nowhere even near. Maybe send a message to support to have them check what happened.


Thank you @ridgerider2, I see I have so much to learn with Xert. Hopefully you don’t mind if I keep pestering the group with “newbie” questions.